Test of Russian as foreign language (ToRFL)

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Meet the simulator of the official "Test of Russian as foreign language (ToRFL)"

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Test your other skills in Russian (speaking, listening and reading) for free with a professional tutor online.

You need only: unlimited Internet access (we use Electa Live, a virtual classroom software), laptop or a personal computer, microphone and camera. No obligation, no credit card, no spam from us, no payments.

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Passing ToRFL is a long and quite complicated procedure. It takes 2 days, it consists of 5 subtests, it's limited in time and it takes lots of your energy.

But that's the only way to be officially certified in Russian.

And to be ready for the trial you need some practice that we can offer with this App.

Unlike many others, we can say that:

All tests are designed by official ToRFL testers.

All tests are DESIGNED particularly for this App

All tasks are adjusted to the official test requirements.

All tests are limited in time just like real exams.

You can mark questions you're not sure about and come back to them later.

You can ask us about what needs improvement to be more competent via email. See how to do this:

We continue create tests, so be ready for updates!
Reading and listening coming soon!

What should you know about official requirements in Russian language

There are 7 levels (CEFR and Russian system) in our test.

A1 (TEU)

- elementary. 700 words, ability to participate in simple talks

A2 (TBU)

- basic. 1300 words, “survival level”, possibility to travel in Russia comfortably

A2+/B1 (“migration test”)

- pre-intermediate. 1800-2000 words, official requirement for getting working and residence permit. Test has appeared recently and it is still a matter of dispute

B1 (TRKI-1)

- official requirement for entry university (institute, academy…) in Russia. 2300 words, ability to use Russian in daily life more or less freely

B2 (TRKI-2)

- official requirement for foreign graduates. 5000 words. Technically fluent Russian

C1 (TRKI-3)

- official requirement to become a Russian teacher, diplomat, translator or interpreter. 7000 (produce) - 12000 (understand) words. Truly fluent Russian

C2 (TRKI-4)

- bilingual. People doubt whether you’re native speaker or not. If you’re a native Russian speaker try to pass this test and see results) More than 95% is perfect!

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